Sunday, 22 May 2011

Green, green summer grass

Weeeeee~ a new summer themed layout (but still oh so crap lol) ^O^~

I wanted so badly to change my last banner, I seriously abused my rainbows & vectors, my poor vector-man looked as if he had puked out rainbow vomit. As I promised on my last post, I'd make a rainbow-vomit-minus banner, though I was so tempted to add a rainbow somewhere >_>; But hoorah, no rainbow and no vomit (my vector-man is at peace now). So we now have a spring/summer-ish feel banner; with girly purple butterflies ganging up upon my letter-shaped-daisy-covered-grass (yeah surprisingly, no dog poop on my summer grass =O!) However, it didn't come out the way I wanted, but I was testing some of my new profound skills whilst devouring endless hours of Photoshop tutorials yesterday (I'm greedy like that). Bad idea, I'm so disappointed with the end result, it didn't come out the way I visualised it. I was so tempted to trash it, however, when I thought about  my rainbow-vomit banner- I thought better of it. On the other hand, I did learn a thing or two, so it was little educational. Plus, I miss doing all the arty farty stuff and playing around with my Photoshop (even though I rage at the end result which ends up predictably in the virtual dustbin - no rainbow vomit banner there to save them from me), hopefully I'll get back to it with rage free dedication.. and create a masterpiece (yeah I know, a wishful thinking.. just let me dream T__T;)

Friday, 6 May 2011

Plucking your apple-cakes;

At last, there's something in here other than a blank page! I've been meaning to set up my own blog for months, I've been lolling around, getting lazy to even make a banner. But tada~ today there's a banner! Mind you, it's definitely temporary >_>; At the moment it looks like someone threw up rainbow coloured vomit =_=; I'll make proper (vomit-free) banner later (when I'm fully off my lazy bum -sighs-) But yeah, baby steps right?  

p.s. Omg I just lost my blog post virginity! ^o^~